News update 2016-07-17

The probe for Ph and ORP for Pool controller has been delivered. And iv start playing around with it. i use an Arduino Uno R3 to read the values.
I actually i do no much programming/calculation at all, i did make a shortcut in the design and using Ph and ORP circuits from
And the sensors are the same as from
I have also start looking into making a UV-C  light cleaning unit for the pool, that will reduce the need for chlorine and might even reduce cost for running the pool environment during the summer month.


News update 2016-02-02

As you all can se, nothing really happens on the site, as the result of work change two years ago there has been a lot less time over for private projects.
This year i will try to reschedule my time and start traveling less and hope that i can find the strength to start new or perhaps push some of my earlier projects over the finish line.


So what are these projects 


- Pool controller

- Part 1 - This project is actually good for me personally in two ways, reducing cost and and development of skills 
  * Automatic optimize water-flow thru the air/water heater for best performance ratio
- Part 2 - add heat sources, sun-heater, district heating with goal to use the best economic heating resource at every moment.
  * Logging Temperature in Pool-water, Outside air, Active Sun hours and radiation to make optimization as good a possible. 
  * Logging of Ph and ORP values to  better help decide when it's time and the amount of chlorine to add the system.


- Arduino/Raspberry Pi CAN controller

 Just a fun projects due i like things that communicates, and ill think this is a modern way of communication that will give me both a challenge and fun
  * CAN (like in OBD-II Port used i cars), a nice result would be a color-display showing different CAN-bus information. 
  * CAN (like in NMEA2000 bus used primary used in boats).


- AIS receiver / decoder

As i see this, there is two ways using a fixed radio module receiving AIS-1/2 signals or trying to use SDR, there are a lot of projects out there and ill think ill start with two NRX1 fixed modules for AIS1/2 from ( and a particle ( as the brain unit and see what it will bring to the table.


- PCB manufacturing and component reflowing.

As it was many years ago since i last was sending projects to production (actually this has never been done privat, only in the profession i was at time) and today i see som many more options/possibilities today, and id would like to try these out, draw my own PCB and send for a test production and there after mount and reflow the boards.
I have an ide that i might build a small test production reflow controller unit that will make future PCB projects possible.